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Service technician or star?

Service technician or star?

This post is part of an ongoing series that highlights our associates who have gone above and beyond to deliver memorable customer experiences. Read more about our quarterly Chairman’s Award.

Chris Melville, "movie star" and technician at Mercedes-Benz of Naperville.

There is no red carpet, fancy catering tables or paparazzi in the lounge at Mercedes-Benz of Naperville, but that doesn’t mean celebrities can’t be spotted there mingling with the customers.

At this particular dealership, cameras broadcast live footage from the service bay onto a television in the customer lounge so customers can see the technicians at work. Technician Chris Melville was recently approached by a little girl with her mother who thought he was a movie star because he was on TV. Without skipping a beat, he told her that indeed he was! Later when Chris found out that it was the little girl’s birthday, he returned to the shop and made a small sign that said “Happy Birthday!” Then Chris, the “movie star,” held it up to the screen just for her. The little girl was excited and surprised and there wasn’t a dry eye in the customer lounge.

It doesn’t take a lot of effort to make a lasting impact on a customer. Thank you to Chris at Mercedes-Benz of Naperville for leaving our customers star-struck!

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