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Community Star: BMW Tucson customers help food bank

Photo By  AutoNation

BMW Tucson Service Valet Robert Higbee, General Manager Michael Famiglietti and Service Valet Jason Nolasco

Community Star: BMW Tucson customers help food bank

Each quarter, AutoNation selects associates who have demonstrated an above and beyond desire to help those less fortunate in the communities we serve. In their honor, we will donate either $500 for individual efforts or $1,000 for team efforts to their charities. To read more Community Star features, click here.

AutoNation is proud to recognize BMW Tucson as an AutoNation Community Star for their charity work with the Community Food Bank of Southern Arizona.

Every morning when BMW Tucson General Manager Michael Famiglietti arrives at work, he walks the service drive. “I noticed most of the cars had license plate frames with competitors’ names on them. That meant, they were buying cars down the street but we were getting the service business,” said Famiglietti . “I thought community outreach would help our sales and differentiate us from our competitors.”

Famiglietti hit upon the idea of partnering with Kristi’s Kids, a local television campaign by newscaster Kristi Tedesco of KVOA, and the Community Food Bank of Southern Arizona to raise funds by donating five dollars for every license plate frame customers agree to exchange BMW Tucson frame. The promotion is publicized on the Kristi’s Kids television segment.

BMW Tucson began this program in mid-August. Within a month, they raised $125, switching out 25 license plate frames. “I have to give credit to our service team and especially our valets Jason Nolasco and Robert Higbee. They ask our customers, ‘Do you want to feed a child today?’” said Famiglietti.

By the end of the year, BMW Tucson hopes to have at least $500 to donate to the Community Food Bank. They are also building a sculpture with the competitors’ license plate frames as a visible way of keeping track of their success. We will donate $1,000 in the dealership’s name to the Community Food Bank to match their efforts.

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