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Get 50% off from AutoNation Direct and eBay Motors

When you think of half price sales, you might think about clothes or sneakers or, if you’re really lucky, jewelry. But one thing that you’ve probably never seen for half off – at least not legitimately – is a new car. Until now.

AutoNation DirectWe’re happy to announce that AutoNation Direct, our online automotive merchant,has teamed up with eBay Motors to sell a select number of vehicles for half price. The sale begins today, March 23 through March 30, 2012, at Complete information about pricing, delivery and other details can be found there.

These aren’t some clunkers that nobody wants to buy. These are high-demand Ford, General Motors and Nissan vehicles (all within the 2011 to 2013 model year range) that anyone would be proud to own – and at half off, you’ll have more to brag about than just your new ride. Others can talk about how they out-negotiated the dealer, but nobody except a few members of Oprah’s audience and the occasional Price Is Right contestant will be able to top you.

What’s the catch? There isn’t any, except for the fact that there is only going to be a select number of vehicles put up for auction each day, so you’ll want to pay close attention to make sure you get yours. Act fast before they’re all gone.

Official Press Release

AutoNation Direct Launches Special Half Price Offer For Select New Vehicles on eBay Motors



As part of its nationwide launch, AutoNation Direct, the online automotive merchant operated by America’s largest auto retailer AutoNation (NYSE: AN), announced today it will be selling more than 25 vehicles for half price (50 percent off MSRP) through eBay Motors, the premier marketplace to buy and sell all things automotive. While people frequently find great deals on items such as clothing, electronics, or jewelry, half price offers on new vehicles are a very rare occurrence.

New vehicles included in the special offer consist of high-demand vehicles from Ford, General Motors and Nissan within the 2011- 2013 model year range. A total of 29 Buy It Now vehicle listings are scheduled to appear on eBay Motors at half price over the course of the offer period, including a 2012 Chevrolet Corvette. The variety of vehicles available during the special offer period reflects the wide selection of new vehicles available to customers on eBay Motors at great prices every day.


The special offer for half-price on a select number of new vehicles will begin at Noon PST on Friday, March 23 and run through Friday, March 30.


On each of the first seven days of the special offer period, four new vehicles per day will be listed on eBay Motors at half price MSRP and made available to customers at various times throughout the day on a first come, first served basis. If the most recent listing(s) have closed, customers are encouraged to check back on the site as new half price vehicle listings will be posted throughout the duration of the offer period. On the final day of the offer period, Friday, March 30, a single 2012 Chevrolet Corvette will be listed at half price at a random time during the day.


Anyone interested in the opportunity to buy a new vehicle from AutoNation Direct at half price MSRP through eBay Motors can visit during the offer period to view current half price vehicle listings. Customers must have a valid eBay User ID to participate.

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