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Avoid stress at the pump by going green

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Avoid stress at the pump by going green

When prices on gas spiked in 2008, thousands of drivers tried in vain to trade out of their gas guzzlers and into a smaller, more fuel efficient vehicles. Unfortunately, during that time, manufacturers weren’t ready for the change of demand in the marketplace. Trucks and SUVs were still king at the dealership.

Today, the vehicle lineup is drastically different. From electric vehicles to hybrids to small cars, there are plenty of options available for those who want to avoid sticker shock at the pump. Plus, manufacturers have upped the average mpg on their entire lineup of vehicles. In fact, the average fuel economy of vehicles sold this past January hit an all-time high.

AutoNation E-VehiclesBut manufacturers weren’t the only ones to make changes. To help consumers quickly identify fuel efficient vehicles, AutoNation rolled out our E-Vehicles program a few years ago. When you visit any AutoNation showroom, you’ll see a green leaf on the back of any vehicle that either average at least 28 miles or more per gallon, or are best-in-class in fuel efficiency. You’ll even be able to see the green leaf on E-Vehicles on our websites.

Which vehicles have AutoNation’s green leaf of approval? Well, you’ll find the usual suspects in electric, hybrids and small cars. But trucks, sport utilities and sports cars are also part of our E-Vehicle program. Why? Because we award our green leaf to the vehicles that also receive best-in-class fuel efficiency. (You can meet some of our Green Fleet on our Facebook page.)

So, as gas prices creep higher and higher, simply look for the green leaf and you’ll avoid being squeezed at the pump.

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