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The End of Haggling? Introducing SmartChoice Pricing

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The End of Haggling? Introducing SmartChoice Pricing

When it comes to buying a car, the price you see on the windshield is rarely the price you pay. Historically, it’s a starting point for negotiation. The salesperson begins at that price, you suggest a much lower price and usually the final price is somewhere in-between. Depending on your negotiating skills, you could save a few hundred or even thousands of dollars, but you waste plenty of time.

It seems consumers and dealers have been negotiating prices the same way since the first Model T hit the roads. But with the advent of new technologies and more transparent pricing, could we be nearing the end of haggling?

On the surface, this seems like a ludicrous question. According to a recent study, more consumers are negotiating new car prices than during any other time in history. The study concludes that consumers have more information at their fingertips and therefore come to the dealerships better informed and more confident.

Consumers spend an average of 19 hours online researching their vehicle purchase before they ever walk into a dealership. That’s 19 hours of searching, shopping, studying, comparing prices, checking safety features and more.

It’s a trend that AutoNation has paid close attention to and we have decided to act upon. That’s why we are proud to introduce SmartChoice Pricing. We’ve made our pricing simple and straightforward. We research and compare thousands of new vehicles sales in the market to give you a low price on every new vehicle in every AutoNation showroom.

We have adjusted our prices to reflect what people are actually paying for every car in your market. It’s like we’ve done your homework for you. AutoNation saves you time and money.

That’s not to say you still can’t negotiate. In fact, we encourage it. We’ll show you the vehicle’s MSRP and SmartChoice Price, so you can clearly see your savings and make a smart choice for yourself. This way, your starting point can be closer to what you’ll actually pay.

Why are we still allowing room for haggling? Because research says consumers still like to negotiate for a lower price. But maybe it’s time to conduct a new study. Let us know what you think.

As America’s largest auto retailer, we have always held ourselves to higher standards. Now, we’ve just raised them.

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