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Keep Your Car Cool in the Summer

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Car Overheating

Keep Your Car Cool in the Summer

If you’ve ever seen a car parked alongside the roadway with steam billowing from underneath the hood, you probably have a good idea of what overheating can do to a vehicle. Cooling system maintenance can help you avoid some of these unpleasant problems. To start, here’s a little information about how your car operates.

When an engine is running, it generates tremendous amounts of friction and heat. Unchecked, high temperatures can cause considerable damage. The oil in your vehicle reduces some friction and resulting heat, but it can’t handle everything. That’s why a well-kept cooling system is essential to lowering high temperatures even more.

You can help your car by choosing the right coolant. Not all will be appropriate for your auto, so know what your vehicle needs. Check coolant levels often especially in hot weather—and look for leaks to ensure the system isn’t developing a problem. Cooling—systems also need flushed regularly.

Also check the fan. Even with good fluid levels and no leaks, heat can still build up in an engine with a poor cooling fan. You can tell if there’s a problem by touching the radiator hose; it will be hot on top and cold on bottom if the coolant isn’t moving easily.

Stay safe when working with an automobile. Never add coolant shortly after your vehicle has been running. The fluid is dangerously hot and under pressure; let your vehicle cool overnight if possible.

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