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Major League Associate

Chairman's Award Winner Tim Michalak receives a cake from BMW of Tucson General Manager Michael Famiglietti.

Major League Associate

Every quarter, AutoNation hands out the Chairman’s Award to Associates who have gone above and beyond for their Customers. Hundreds of applicants with great stories are winnowed down to four, truly the best of the best. So, it should come as no surprise when one of these winners goes above and beyond with their reward.

Earlier this year, Tim Michalak won the Chairman’s Award for driving paperwork 10 hours, round trip, for a Customer on vacation. To celebrate his award, BMW of Tucson held a store wide Bar-B-Q in his honor, provided him with a 20 person suite to a local minor league baseball game and handed him a $1000 gift card.

Instead of spending a night at the ballpark with family and friends, Tim brought 17 neighborhood children and two parents to the game. But his generosity didn’t stop there. Tim used his $1000 gift card to rent a charter bus for transportation and bought hot dogs and soda for everyone in the suite.

Thank you Tim for once again going above and beyond.

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Adam Lopez is an advertising specialist at AutoNation's headquarters in Fort Lauderdale, Fla.
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